Treatments and Consultations

Treatments and consultations are performed by Dr Singh NHS surgeon performing aesthetic anti wrinkle and dermal filler treatments. Dr Singh will use premium quality products and the the very latest techniques available to tailor each treatment to meet your specific needs and ensure the highest standards of care and comfort.

Botox Prices

3 AreasFrom £199.00
2 AreasFrom £169.00
1 AreaFrom £99.00

Additional Botox areas

Bunny lines£10.00
Marionette lines£15.00
Cobble stone chin £10.00
Smoker line£10.00

What is botulinum toxin?

Botulinum Toxin is a naturally occurring protein derived from the Bacterium Clostridium Botulinum. When used cosmetically, it can smooth out dynamic lines, restoring a more youthful, less stressed expression to your face.

How does it work?

By injecting tiny amounts very precisely into specific facial muscles, the nerve impulses responsible for contraction of these muscles are blocked. This causes a temporary weakness or paralysis of that muscle resulting in the overlying skin becoming smooth and unwrinkled.


What are the benefits?

By relaxing the muscles that cause frown lines, forehead lines and crows feet:
• The skin appears dramatically smoother
• Facial lines disappear or diminish dramatically in just a few days
• The creation of more wrinkles is prevented
• Normal activities can be resumed immediately
• It only takes 2-3 days for the treatment to begin to take effect and 10 - 14 days for full effect

Preparing for the treatment

During your consultation a full medical history will be taken to assess your suitability, and the benefits and possible side effects will be discussed in full.

What is the treatment like?

Tiny micro-needles are used so discomfort is minimal. No sedation or local anaesthetic is required and treatment takes around 10-15 minutes. Although the full consultation and treatment will be approx 1 hour. Care will be taken to make the procedure as comfortable as possible and the appliction of ice pre and post treatment will help to reduce any pain or swelling and reduce the risk of bruising.

Post treatment

Post-treatment advice may include:
• Actively contract and use the muscles in the treated area for a few hours after treatment. Work your face and practise frowning and smiling! There is some evidence that this helps the treatment to work better by speeding up the absorption of the botulinum toxin
• For a few hours after treatment do not rub, or massage the treated area, or undertake vigorous exercise. Avoid any form of facial treatment or massage to reduce the risk of the botulinum toxin spreading to adjacent muscles where it might cause the eyelid to droop
• Expect to wait for up to two weeks for the treatment to work fully, be patient! Most people will find that, even after this period, if they try really hard, they can still move the muscles to a small extent in the area treated. This is quite normal. The aim of the treatment is not to prevent you from moving the muscles in your face, but merely to reduce the number of times that your muscles contract as this is what causes wrinkles to form

Points to remember

The overall effect of botulinum toxin or Botox® treatments in reducing the appearance of wrinkles over a period of time will depend upon the depth and extent of wrinkles before treatment. If lines are already deep and engrained, you may find that a combination of other procedures are recommended instead of, or in conjunction with this treatment.

Treatments can be repeated to maintain the improved appearance and can be more effective if repeated on a regular basis.

All treatments can be tailored to suit the individuals needs and requests and this can be discussed at length with your practioner, we aim to provide the best results for each individual.